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Chetan Hayer

Podcast Episode 1 - Chetan Hayer

Chetan Hayer, Managing Director of Hayer One Group

In the dynamic realm of the real estate industry, where every brick laid and every blueprint conceived shapes the landscape of our living spaces, emerges a visionary leader who has orchestrated transformative feats. Meet Mr. Chetan Singh Hayer, the astute Managing Director of Hayer One Group, a name synonymous with innovation and excellence in the real estate domain.

With a foundation rooted in Civil Engineering from India and further honed by a Master of Science degree from Bentley University, Chetan Hayer brings to the forefront a unique blend of technical prowess and strategic acumen. As the steward of Hayer One Group, Chetan spearheads an empire built on a decade of immersive real estate experience, fostering a legacy of distinction. His visionary leadership has culminated in the realization of award-winning projects that not only redefine cityscapes but also redefine the very essence of contemporary living. With the company’s headquarters nestled in the vibrant heart of Westlands, Nairobi, Chetan Hayer stands as a vanguard of innovation, propelling the realms of real estate into an exhilarating future.

From Grief to Vision: Chetan’s Journey

In the face of life’s most poignant trials, stories of remarkable resilience and transformation often emerge, touching the hearts of those who listen. The journey of Mr. Chetan Singh Hayer, the visionary Managing Director of Hayer One Group, is an embodiment of such a narrative—a tale that resonates deeply with the essence of triumph over adversity.

The genesis of this extraordinary journey was, in fact, a moment of profound sorrow—the untimely passing of Chetan’s father in 2005. Entrusted with the responsibility of caring for his mother and younger brother, who was still pursuing his master’s education, Chetan’s destiny was set in motion—a journey that led him from his homeland to Bentley University, where he acquired a Master’s of Science, and ultimately to the helm of Hayer One Group.

Chetan’s roots were deeply intertwined with the world of construction, having grown up beside his father’s construction site—a backdrop that kindled his desire to become a successful developer. His path was further illuminated as he returned to Mumbai in 2006, where he initiated his first project. Yet, the canvas of his aspirations soon outgrew its confines. This restlessness was appeased by an unexpected honeymoon destination—Nairobi—a choice influenced by his sister’s move to the vibrant Kenyan city. The landscapes of Masai Mara, the allure of Mombasa’s beaches, and Nairobi’s captivating essence all played a part in igniting a hunger for growth within Chetan’s heart.

Upon returning to Mumbai, the newfound passion to foster growth was irresistible. Surveying the cityscape, Chetan discerned a void in the real estate market—an absence of high-quality developments at reasonable prices. This revelation fueled a vision that would come to define his legacy: to craft superior real estate offerings that set new standards of excellence while remaining accessible to a wider audience.

Courage converged with audacity as Chetan chose to channel his life savings into a daring venture—relocating to Nairobi, a decision both daunting and transformative. The challenges that ensued were met with an unyielding spirit, fortified by the support of family and friends. The nascent projects flourished, reflecting a growing collective effort rather than individual ambition. “We” began to overshadow “I,” and the journey of Hayer One Group transcended its architect, encompassing a team of like-minded individuals and seasoned advisors.

The trajectory of growth was neither linear nor free of obstacles, but Chetan’s relentless pursuit of excellence transformed each hurdle into a stepping stone. The spirit of a true developer pulsed through him, a spirit that was accompanied by humility and a willingness to learn from the world’s experiences. The result was an ascent from small to medium to large projects, each reflecting a commitment to quality, innovation, and value.

Accolades and Achievements of Chetan Hayer

In the realm of real estate development, Chetan Hayer, the accomplished Managing Director of Hayer One Group, has achieved remarkable distinctions that underscore his leadership prowess and visionary acumen.

Among his accolades, Chetan was honored with the prestigious title of Global Indian of the Year by Asia One in 2020—an acknowledgment of his resolute commitment to excellence and innovation within the industry.

Since then, Chetan Hayer’s outstanding achievements have continued to garner international recognition. In 2022, he was awarded the titles of ‘World Best Emerging Brand’ and ‘World Best Emerging Leader’ at a prestigious ceremony held at the House of Lords in London, UK, affirming his global impact on business and leadership.

Moreover, Forbes Africa featured Chetan Hayer in 2023, further solidifying his reputation as a prominent figure in the world of real estate development. These accolades serve as a testament to his unwavering dedication and his position as a celebrated industry leader.

Under Chetan’s guiding hand, Hayer One Group has celebrated the fruition of five triumphant real estate projects. Of these, two have achieved iconic status within Nairobi’s landscape. The first, aptly named The Address, stands tall as a 23-story commercial high-rise Grade A office space, revered for its strategic location, cutting-edge design, and impeccable ongoing management. The second gem in Hayer One Group’s crown is The Marquis, an architectural marvel comprising two 25-story residential towers that have set a new benchmark for Nairobi’s residential landscape. Renowned for its avant-garde design, prime location, and an array of unprecedented amenities, The Marquis not only redefines residential living but also serves as a beacon of future trends within the industry.

Three Key Approaches

In the pursuit of sustaining remarkable growth within the real estate sector, Chetan Hayer has discerned three pivotal approaches that have propelled the company’s ongoing success.

Foremost among these strategies is the unwavering commitment to customer service. Acknowledging imperfections while steadfastly dedicated to progress, Hayer One Group places paramount importance on enhancing the customer experience and refining its product offerings. A focal point of improvement lies in ensuring the timely delivery of projects—a facet the company is resolute in enhancing. This commitment has borne fruit, with the company taking pride in its real estate products’ commendable rental yields and consistent price appreciation.

Passion stands as the second cornerstone of the company’s triumphant trajectory. Hayer One Group is fueled by an intrinsic ardor for constructing high-value real estate, a fervor that radiates through every facet of design and execution. This contagious passion has ignited a conflagration of enthusiasm within the organization, spawning novel avenues for business expansion and growth.

Crucially, relationships and trust have forged an indispensable foundation underpinning the company’s journey. As it navigates uncertainties and confronts challenges, the bedrock of trust forged over time sustains the company’s progress. The recognition that while trust might occasionally lead to setbacks, the benefits garnered from placing trust in others far outweigh potential losses, forms an integral part of Hayer One Group’s ethos.

In the hands of Chetan Hayer, Hayer One Group’s growth is rooted in a trifecta of unwavering customer service commitment, fervent passion, and enduring relationships. This amalgamation of principles continues to pave the way for the company’s enduring success within the dynamic landscape of real estate.

Empowering Future Leaders

Chetan Hayer imparts sagacious advice to graduating students based on his journey of resilience and accomplishment.

His first counsel centers on embracing opportunities—both bestowed and self-created—echoing how unexpected turns shaped his trajectory from a potential partnership at KPMG-Boston to leading a flourishing real estate venture in Nairobi. This testament underscores the transformative power of seizing chances.

Chetan’s second piece of wisdom resonates with passion. He illustrates how an unyielding commitment to crafting high-value real estate instills innovation throughout an organization, fostering growth and forging new avenues for success.

The third cornerstone is relationships and trust. Chetan’s journey underscores their indispensable role in navigating uncertainty, offering solace, and propelling his ventures. While acknowledging potential setbacks, he affirms the profound benefits of placing trust in others.

In essence, Chetan’s advice encapsulates opportunity, passion, and trust as guiding principles, gleaning insights from his journey to illuminate a path of fulfillment and accomplishment for graduates.