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Travelling: An Investment in Yourself

Traveling: An Investment in Yourself

Each one of us desires a happy life. But despite the fact that we are constantly busy at work and have little time to enjoy or explore the world, very few individuals see travel as a way to find happiness in their lives. Travelling requires a lot of confidence and willpower. Utilizing natural, common actions that can elevate your journeys from routine to spectacular is the key to successful travel. By encountering new environments, people, and cultures when travelling, you can enhance your mental health.

Things to Consider While Planning Your Tour

  1. Budget – This is the most crucial stage. Decide how much you want to spend on everything, from lodging and transportation to shopping and food. There are numerous methods to arrange an economical getaway or staycation; it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.
  2. Choose the top places you’d like to go. Though it can seem simple when you think about picking a trip, it’s actually not. While selecting a location, several questions will arise. For instance, which places can I afford to travel to? If I arrange it all by myself or use a travel agent? Do I want to fly or drive?
  3. Be accommodation-savvy – Be smart when it comes to lodging because there are numerous websites where you can make hotel reservations. Instead, try doing some research to find a quality hotel that offers a reasonable rate.
  4. Book flights in advance as this will help you with any feature hassles.
  5. Pack properly- Packing a travel bag plays an important role. If you are travelling to a place with snow or one with beaches, you will need to pack differently. Carry a few clothing items in your cabin bag in addition to the luggage you check-in. In case your luggage is lost by the airline or if another uncertain event occurs, it is always preferable to be prepared.

Things to Carry in your Travel Bag

  1. EU adapters- One of the essential devices is an EU adaptor. You wouldn’t want your device to break down in the middle of a vacation.
  2. Clothing – Try carrying minimal clothes as they will reduce the weight of your luggage.
  3. Camera – To capture all the special memories, you would want to carry a camera.
  4. Travel Wallet – You need the perfect accessory, which is a travel wallet. Take advantage of it to organize all of your critical papers, like your passport, AADHAR card, and trip tickets.
  5. Suncream- While you’re travelling, sunscreen will help to protect you from harmful UV rays and keep your skin unharmed.
  6. First aid Kit – We all know that it’s better to be cautious. Make sure to keep your prescription pills along with a few extras, in case you experience sickness as a result of a headache, stomach discomfort, or any other problem. Make a compact first-aid kit that you can bring with you wherever you go instead.
  7. Toiletries– Keep a minimal set of toiletries in your carry-on bag, including your face wash, dental floss, toothbrush, and toothpaste. You can avoid disorganizing your neatly packed suitcase in front of others this way.


Common Travel Mistakes

  1. Overpacking – To avoid this, you can pack only what you need, not what you think you’ll use. Buy the rest at your destination (possibly at a fraction of the price).
  2. Carrying valuables – Pickpockets might get interested in you if you are carrying precious jewellery or other pricey stuff. It’s wise to leave any irreplaceable stuff at home as losing things when travelling is all too common.
  3. Blindly trusting the first directions you get from a Local-Guidebooks are made to inform your travels, not to define them. Put the guidebook down and interact with other travellers and people at the destination.
  4. Booking flights with a short layover, thus, missing your connecting flight. It is better to give yourself at least a couple of hours between flights to allow for any possible “delay” scenario.

Though we say travelling in a group makes people happy and bring them closer, solo travel is a life-changing experience that makes you discover what kind of person you are and develops self-belief.

Here are a few tips that can be useful for solo travellers while their trip:

  • Be aware of safety – Solo travel can be both safe and rewarding, but be mindful of safety concerns just as you would be while travelling in a group.
  • Do your homework before you go to your destination.
  • Try staying in a homestay or local rental room which will help you connect to the local people or other solo travelers.
  • Learn local lingo as it’s definitely worth making the effort to learn a few words and phrases before you go solo travelling. Learning local lingo is a great way to open doors for making new friends and understanding local people.

Life is all about the adventures you take & the memories you make. So, travel often & live your life with open eyes as well as an open heart.