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Diet, Fitness, and Yoga

The fear of COVID-19 has taught us the value of life and health. People have now begun understanding and making health-conscious choices as part of their fitness and diet plan. Most of the time, the responsibilities of a tight working schedule may not allow us too much time for a proper workout, but there are a few things we can implement to make fitness and well-being a possibility in our lives. The best thing is to abide by those rules which are practical to follow; rather than a trending fitness regime that has just made headlines.  Just like our personality, our ability to cope with something new varies from person to person. 

Fitness as part of our daily routine

Fitness and nutrition are not styling statements but are a part of our very wellbeing, and if we make a commitment to remain fit, have a nutritious balanced diet, and be physically active each day, we will be rewarded with good health, lifelong. Being physically active keeps a check on our weight, reduces the risk of disease, strengthens bones and muscles, and most importantly improves mental health. Therefore, we must make it our first priority.

 Here are some very basic but potential Fitness tips that can be easily followed on a daily basis:

  • Turn sit time into fit time – All that time we spend idle with the phone or in front of the TV; why not give it to our own wellbeing? Get up, walk around the house, and do some household chores instead of using a vehicle. And feel the immediate difference.
  • Build your fitness routine graduallyA fitness schedule may not fall into place overnight. Keep a realistic goal for your workout and slowly; make it an inseparable part of your routine.
  • Divide your workoutYou don’t need to get all your exercise at one time. Start slow and steady and do a manageable amount every day.
  • Make your sessions target-oriented; so that you get the best out of your time! This way, you can reduce your calorie count, systematically.
  • Drink enough water – Keeping hydrated is essential for starting any fitness practices.

The ‘don’ts’ for fitness enthusiasts

  • Don’t forget to warm up every day.
  • Don’t overwork yourself while training.
  • Don’t be inconsistent with your exercises.

 After you have set up your fitness plan, it’s necessary to work on some fitness eating too.

Here are a few of the rules to cut calories that make up the best fitness diets, easy and realistic to start with.

  • Clean eating is a must – Eat nutritious food at all your meal. It is important to have carb-free food but don’t be too hard on yourself for an occasional craving.
  • Set goals that are reachable and realistic – Starting with little steps like having home-cooked food rather than outside meals can any day make a difference.

Yoga: For inner peace and calmness

Once your workout-diet and workout weight loss plan is set, you must take up one daily exercise that has manifold benefits like getting slim, gaining more energy, and strength; and what would be better than Yoga?

Yoga helps to bring balance into our everyday hectic routine. It improves your confidence and inner strength, and keeps you calm and relaxed so that you can lead a healthier, fitter, and fuller life!

The golden rule to follow is consistency and the one thing to avoid at any cost is – quittance. This will help make an actual fitness and diet difference in your life.