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Best Gift Ideas for Girls

Best Gift Ideas for Girls

There’s never an end to a gifting check-list for girls. For all those lovely and wonderful girls out there, we have just the kind of gift ideas that will certainly bring a smile to your faces. Whether it’s a gift for a daughter’s birthday, for a sister, or for your best friend, we have put together some truly lovely and relevant ideas that would simply make a perfect gift, with or without an occasion!!

Here, you can find different gifting ideas, from elegant and glam to trendy and useful.

1.     A Lip Tint is a perfect hint to tell her how extraordinary she is!

This gift will always be appreciated and useful. There are many different types of Lip care products, and here are some really great gifting choices: –

•Lip Balms/ Lip Butters- Infused with Shea butter, they are made up of a combination of oils and waxes that will keep the lips soft and moisturized.

•Fruity Scented Lip-gloss– They’re non sticky, and give you a smooth finish. The fruit extracts leave behind a pleasantly sweet fragrance every time you apply.

•Pocket/Travel-size Lip Glosses – A travel essential for girls, this is practical and handy as it easily fits in any purse. What’s better than soft, smooth and silky lip balm in a tiny, easy-to-carry size?  

2.     A Customized Diary or scrapbook, for her to jot down those creative thoughts!

Journals, diaries and scrapbooks are always amazing gifts for girls, whether they choose to maintain them as daily diaries or just jot down anything that strikes…doodles, scribblings, drawings, or just listing out their schedule for the day. Here are a few that will surely be great to choose from: –

Minimal Personalized Diary– A pretty little diary with a rustic cover with light watercolor impressions of flowers always looks extremely adorable.

•Spiral-bound Diary- Always easy to open, they come in a variety of sizes and designs.

•HardCover Notebook- Its sturdy built prevents pages from bending from the corners, keeping the notebook looking new for longer.

3.     Accessories with initials- never fail to surprise! 

Jewellery pieces are always a girl’s best friend and never fails to make a very personal and special gifting item. There are endless options when it comes to accessories, whether you want to choose delicate and minimalistic or funky, chunky and bold; here are some options that will certainly come in handy: –

•RingsPlatinum or silver rings with initials engraved are simply elegant choices for an array of occasions.

•Extravagant bracelets with initials– These work as absolutely stunning statement pieces and go well with almost all kinds of outfits.

•Necklaces/Single-Pendant Chains with initialsThese always make a great gift and this delicate adornment adds an instant touch of elegance to any attire.

4.     Exotic Fragrances– always a sweet surprise!

Body mists and sprays, perfumes and scents are great gift ideas for any season. These perfumes bring together a blend of floral bouquets and are enriched with pleasant fragrances. Here are a few popular perfume choices: –

•Vanilla perfume

•Rose Oil body mist

•Musk scent

•Sandalwood after-bath scent

•Lavender body spray

•Cinnamon body mist

5.     Body Care and Scented Soaps– A gift to refresh

This gift is simple, practical and special as luxury body care essentials are a craze amongst girls because of their lovely fragrances and creamy rich textures.

The best ones to gift are: –

•Cocoa-Shea Butter Soap

•Strawberry infused Body Wash

•Vanilla and Lavender scented body scrubs

•Rose-Oil Body bath & shower gel

•Aroma Therapy

6.     Body Lotions

Let her pamper herself with body lotions that lock moisture into the skin. These Body care lotions help prevent the skin from drying. They soften rough heels and elbows, including other dry areas of the skin. Here are some great options for gifting Body Lotions: –

•Body Lotion Gift Hamper– The best of everything altogether in one box!


•Shea & Honey body butter – The high on fragrance rich duo.

•Any Lotion that combines Cocoa (for an intense long lasting fragrance) and berries (with a fresh invigorating scent) is a must!

Hope these ideas were helpful in your search for a really special gift for the beautiful and cherished girl in your life.