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Sukh Sandhu

Sukh Sandhu


                                                                Sukh Sandhu – CEO of Career Calling International

                                                                     “In the Name of Community & Excellence”

Beginning in the late 1990s, an inspiring journey unfolded on the path of ambition, determination and giving back to the community. It was during these years of small opportunity that a talented individual found a professional calling. Sukh Sandhu, the CEO of Career Calling International, established his idea of an organization that is more than a singular entity; it’s a comprehensive solution provider that caters to the diverse needs of educational institutions, training organizations, and beyond.

From Talent Search to Entrepreneurship

Sukh Sandhu, an individual of notable ambition and determination, recounts the inception of his career. It was during the years 1998–1999, a period that marked the early stages of his journey, that Sukh was bestowed with an opportunity by a US-based organization. This opportunity came up as the result of a talent search conducted in India. Sukh Sandhu began his career as a web designer and developer. Surprisingly, within the span of a mere four months, Sukh’s prowess and dedication promoted him to a managerial position.

Throughout the path of his career, Sukh Sandhu’s guiding principles have remained steadfast: the art of seizing opportunities and continuous learning. It is through this dedication that eventually led him to the realm of serial entrepreneurship and global influence, unveiling the principles and aspirations that have guided his personal and professional life. This served as the cornerstone of Career Calling International.

Guiding Aims and Ideals

 Pursuits being firmly rooted in the noble ideal of contributing to the community and industry, Sandhu’s Career Calling International transcends the realm of business entities, serving as platforms for skill development, compliance support, and resource provision across global industry and educational landscapes. His involvement with over 500 non-profit organizations and dedication to volunteer work bear witness to his sincerity to bring positive change and give back to the community. This ideal aligns harmoniously with his belief in the transformative role of businesses and professionals as catalysts for growth and development within their ecosystems.

The ideals of integrity and quality have consistently steered Sandhu’s professional journey. His insistence on delivering audit-ready, top-tier resources through his ventures underscores his loyalty to providing excellence and value to clients and customers. In his entrepreneurial endeavors, he exemplifies that upholding a high standard of integrity and quality is not merely a tactical business approach but an ideal that fosters trust, credibility, and enduring success within the professional sphere.

Furthermore, the ideal of collaborative growth explains every facet of Sukh Sandhu’s professional pursuits. He believes in fostering collaborative work environments where individuals collectively contribute to mutual growth and learning. His ventures, particularly Career Calling International, are not just assemblages of personnel but harmonious gatherings of individuals who pool their expertise, work synergistically, and share a common purpose of making a positive impact on the industry and community.

The Distinction of Career Calling International

 When it comes to what sets Career Calling International apart from competitors, Sandhu’s team comes into play, which comprises industry leaders with enduring relationships spanning 10–15 years or more. Their collective expertise in adult learning principles, regulatory standards, and compliance is unparalleled. This vast knowledge ensures the consistent delivery of audit-ready, high-quality services and resources. Furthermore, Career Calling International thrives on its forward-thinking perspective. This mindset allows the organization to remain active and responsive to industry evolution. Their ability to anticipate and proactively address changes plays a pivotal role in their ongoing success. In essence, Career Calling International’s distinction lies in its steadfast dedication to quality, fortified by a team of seasoned professionals, and supported by a forward-thinking ethos. These attributes maintain their status of excellence within their industry.

Sandhu generously reveals the extensive array of services offered by his esteemed company, Career Calling International. This distinguished organization serves as a comprehensive solution provider, catering to the diverse needs of schools, Registered Training Organizations (RTOs), and higher education institutions. Their multifaceted offerings encompass training and assessment resources, compliance and risk management services, as well as professional development and workshops.

In addition to their educational prowess, Career Calling International extends its reach into the realm of employment services, digital and online media services, and IT solutions, including cybersecurity and system support. Not stopping there, they also excel in immigration and migration services, elevating their profile to an international scale. Their proficiency extends to the domain of business analytics, underscoring their commitment to addressing a wide spectrum of global industry requirements.

Charting a Path to Global Excellence

 Candidly articulating his company’s ambitious long-term objectives and his own vision for the future, Sandhu explains that his focus lies in the strategic expansion of their services and geographical reach, diligently exploring opportunities for growth in diverse international markets. Their commitment to delivering high-quality training, assessment, digital, and online media solutions remains firm as they endeavor to extend their global footprint.

In the years to come, their aspiration is to rise as a recognized global leader, particularly in the vital role of supplying skilled manpower to industries worldwide. Beyond that, Career Calling International aims to excel in cultivating organizational global mindsets, contributing to the enhancement of virtual team performance across a wide spectrum of industries. Sandhu’s forward-thinking approach and the company’s vision align seamlessly, painting a future where Career Calling International’s influence extends across borders and industries, enriching the global workforce and organizational dynamics.

Ongoing Endeavors at Career Calling International

Shedding light on his ongoing projects, which reflect the organization’s dynamic, Sandhu explains that they are deeply engaged in a series of strategic initiatives that span a spectrum of domains. One noteworthy endeavor involves the development and dissemination of valuable resources strategically positioned on platforms like Google Books and Amazon Kindle, demonstrating their goal of making knowledge widely accessible.

Furthermore, they have fostered collaborations, exemplified by their partnership with a prominent Sydney-based organization. This partnership is directed towards the delivery of practical lab environments, an initiative that underscores their dedication to hands-on learning experiences. Simultaneously, Career Calling International is in the process of expanding its digital and online media solutions, fortifying its professional development portals, and enhancing its operations in the sphere of compliance and regulatory services. Their global ambitions are unmistakable, reflecting a promise to deliver excellence on an international scale. Sandhu’s current projects exemplify a proactive approach to addressing a wide array of educational and industry needs, with a strong focus on accessibility, collaboration, and global expansion.

Acknowledging Inspirations

 Talking about the profound influence of individuals who have played important roles in shaping Sandhu’s path to success, foremost among them stands his mother, a symbol of diligence, who imparted to him the enduring virtues of hard work and the audacity to grasp openings that arise even from tender years. A strong companion in his life’s journey, Raj Kiran, his wife, emerges as the pillar of strength, fortifying his resolve through thick and thin. Equally noteworthy is the support of his mentor, Anna Haranas, whose insights have consistently illuminated the course of Sandhu’s journey towards his aspirations.

 A Trail of Honors and Recognitions

 Sandhu modestly shares a glimpse of the impressive recognitions and accolades that have come his way, both personally and for his organization. His notable achievements include being honored as one of the distinguished top 60 students within his country, a testament to his academic prowess and dedication. Beyond academics, his literary talents shine through with the creation of over 20,000 poems and 400 captivating stories, showcasing a commitment to the art of storytelling.

Not confined to the realms of literature, Sandhu’s influence extends to the digital landscape, where he was handpicked to serve as a Twitter jockey for prominent shows on Asia’s premier TV station, a role that underlines his impact in the world of social media and entertainment. Additionally, he carved a niche by pioneering the launch of the first Punjabi/Hindi online radio station in Australia, marking a significant cultural contribution.

On the professional front, Sandhu’s accomplishments continue to impress, with LinkedIn recognizing him as part of the esteemed top one percent of most-viewed profiles globally. His endeavors have also led to trending moments on Twitter for various projects, attesting to his ability to capture the attention of audiences on a global scale. These commendations and achievements stand as a testament to Sandhu’s dedication, innovation, and the enduring impact he has made within various spheres.

 Career challenges and Triumphs

Reflecting on a crucial juncture in his career, Sandhu confronted a formidable challenge—making the daring leap from a stable, salaried position into the uncertain territory of entrepreneurship. This transition represented a brave step into uncertainty, a test of his resolve and conviction. However, Sandhu’s determination, his unshakable faith in the pursuit of lifelong learning, and the unwavering support of his cherished circle of loved ones emerged as the guiding stars that illuminated his path. In the face of these challenges, Sandhu’s journey bore witness to a remarkable transformation. His readiness to embrace the unknown ultimately bore fruit, leading to the establishment of a thriving international organization. Through this ordeal, Sandhu not only conquered adversity but also symbolized the spirit of resilience and resourcefulness that define his professional odyssey.

In contemplating the essence of success, Sandhu’s perspective shines through his grounded and enduring approach. For him, success is a journey marked by the realization of cherished dreams and aspirations, a journey guided by dedication and an unyielding spirit. It’s a vision anchored in the principles of diligent effort and perseverance, even when confronted with formidable obstacles. His own journey toward success unfolds as a compelling narrative of resilience and evolution. He says, “My journey to success has been a continuous one, spanning more than two decades, always evolving, learning, and adapting to maintain the momentum.” Throughout this extended journey, he has remained in a perpetual state of growth, absorbing lessons, and adapting to the ever-changing landscape. Sandhu’s measured philosophy serves as an embodiment of the timeless virtues that define his pursuit of success.

 Sandhu’s Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Professionals

 Extending a generous hand to the younger generation of budding professionals, Sandhu offers words of wisdom that reflect his pragmatic and encouraging demeanor. His advice is simple yet profound, encapsulating the essence of his own journey. He urges them to dare to dream boldly, instilling in them the notion that grand aspirations are not merely fantasies but attainable goals. He focuses on the importance of relentless toil, reminding them that hard work is the sturdy foundation upon which dreams are built and that self-belief is the fuel that encourages one forward.

Sandhu’s advice is punctuated by the notion of perpetual progress. He advocates for the relentless pursuit of passions, a belief in one’s own abilities, and an unyielding forward momentum. Amid life’s inevitable challenges, he champions resilience, emphasizing the value of a positive support system. Above all, he leaves them with the enduring truth that, armed with determination and an indomitable spirit, they possess the capacity to conquer any endeavor they set their minds to.


  1. “Career Calling International thrives on its forward-thinking perspective. This mindset allows the organization to remain active and responsive to industry evolution.”
  1. “I believe in fostering collaborative work environments where individuals collectively contribute to mutual growth and learning.”
  1. “Reflecting on a crucial juncture in his career, Sandhu confronted a formidable challenge—making the daring leap from a stable, salaried position into the uncertain territory of entrepreneurship.”