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Martin Curley

Martin Curley

                                                                      Martin Curley: Pioneering Transcendental Innovation Leadership

                                                                                                “The Best to predict the future is to innovate it”

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation and innovation, the qualities of a true leader shine brighter than ever. A leader in this realm must possess not only vision but also the drive to turn that vision into reality. Such a leader is Professor Martin Curley, Professor of Innovation and Director of the Digital Health Ecosystem at the Innovation Value Institute (IVI) based at Maynooth University.

With a background in engineering and vast experience at industry giants like Intel and Mastercard, Professor Curley possesses unparalleled expertise forged through hands-on experience. But what sets him apart is his unwavering commitment to harnessing digital technology for the greater good. As Director of the Digital Health Ecosystem at the Innovation Value Institute in Ireland’s Maynooth University and as chair of the UNGA Digital Health Symposium he leads the charge of revolutionizing healthcare through digital innovation and his strategy “Stay Left, Shift Left-10X”. Stay Left is about first keep well people well or if people have a chronic disease or need rehab they can best be treated at home. Shift Left is about getting patients as quickly as possible from Acute Hospitals back to their homes. 10X (or 10 times) is about the notion that when digital technology is applied to healthcare, 10X returns can be achieved (better, faster, cheaper)

Beyond professional success, Professor Curley’s influence transcends borders and industries. His insights have resonated in boardrooms, universities, and political institutions worldwide, leaving an indelible mark. As a Top 10 Global Influential Health Leader and a Top 10 Global Inspiring Educator, he continues to inspire and mentor future leaders in digital transformation and innovation. Professor Martin Curley isn’t just a leader; he’s a visionary guiding technology and healthcare’s future with unwavering dedication.

The Early Career Trajectory

Martin Curley’s career is a remarkable journey marked by innovation, vision, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Graduating as an Electronic Engineer from University College Dublin, he embarked on his career at Philips’ Corporate Headquarters in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. There, he honed his skills in designing advanced manufacturing systems, setting the stage for his future endeavors. His path then led him to General Electric Superabrasives, where he became a Manufacturing Systems Manager. During his tenure, Martin achieved a groundbreaking feat by creating a Digital Twin of the Irish Factory using advanced IoT and PLC technology, a milestone that predated these terms becoming commonplace in the industrial landscape by two decades.

In a pivotal move, Martin joined Intel in Phoenix, Arizona, where he played a pivotal role in developing advanced Computer Integrated Manufacturing systems. His illustrious 25-year journey at Intel included roles such as Global Director of IT Innovation, Global Director of IT Strategy and Technology, and culminated in his position as Vice President and Director of Intel Labs Europe. The expertise he gained in Advanced Digital Manufacturing Systems at Philips, GE, and Intel would later prove invaluable as he transitioned into the realm of healthcare.

It was in 2012, following his experience working closely with the UK’s NHS for Intel, that Martin Curley began advocating for a visionary concept – the creation of a ‘Moore’s Law’ for Healthcare. This concept envisioned industry, academia, and government collaborating to harness digital technology, reliably improving health outcomes and efficiency every few years. Concurrently, while pursuing his industry career, Martin co-founded the Innovation Value Institute at Maynooth University in 2006. This institute aimed to research and innovate frameworks for maximizing the value derived from IT. In 2008, he was appointed as a Professor of Innovation, and since then, he has authored or co-authored eight books on innovation, digital, and entrepreneurship.

Martin’s influence extended well beyond academia and industry, as he served as an advisor to the European Commission for over a decade. His contributions ranged from serving on the DG Connect Advisory Board to chairing the EU Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group (OISPG). Together with Bror Salmelin, a senior Innovation Advisor at the European Commission, Martin published a seminal book on Open Innovation 2.0 (OI2) and curated and published Open Innovation Yearbooks for a decade, shaping the emerging paradigm of OI2 in the global landscape.

His contributions to academia and innovation earned him recognition, with his paper on the twelve Principles of Open Innovation 2.0 in Nature being rated in the top 1% of most impactful papers published across all domains by Altmetric.

As the Director of Digital Transformation at Ireland’s HSE, Martin introduced numerous digital health innovations in living labs across the country. His visionary approach, which has been coined ‘Curley’s Law,’ demonstrates that the application of Digital Technologies to healthcare consistently delivers 10X returns in terms of speed, cost-effectiveness, and overall quality. For example, the Heartcare at Home Living Lab with Centric Health and Roche demonstrated a reduction of 10X in heart failure admissions, a Digital Covid 19 remote respiratory monitoring solution with PatientMPower reduced hospitalizations by significantly more than 10X, a Vital Signs Automation solution deployed with Synchrophi demonstrated an ROI of >10X while detecting deteriorating patients earlier and a Digital Dermatology solution deployed by Allview will confidently deliver a 10X reduction is Skin Cancer deaths in Ireland if broadly deployed. Today, he continues to lead the way as he returns to the Innovation Value Institute to spearhead a global digital health ecosystem based on his visionary strategy, “Stay Left, Shift Left – 10X.” Martin Curley’s journey is an inspiration, showcasing the transformative power of innovation and leadership in the digital age.

IVI’s Top-Notch Offerings

The Innovation Value Institute (IVI), under the leadership of Martin Curley, offers cutting-edge solutions aimed at catalyzing innovation and transformation in the healthcare sector. Their Directed Open Collaborative Ecosystem operates on principles of High Trust, High Talent, High Tech, and High Touch to foster collective innovation. The primary objective is to drive a remarkable global shift in healthcare, delivering 10X better health outcomes, equity, efficiency, effectiveness, and patient experience.

One of their standout offerings is the development of a Digital Health and Wellness Capability Maturity Framework. This framework is designed to empower governments and health systems to systematically enhance their healthcare services and outcomes. Through Design Science Research and an ‘Engaged Scholarship’ approach, IVI is creating a framework and assessment instruments that aspire to become the gold standard for global health system improvement using advanced digital technologies. They are making substantial progress, with MVPs (minimal viable products) for both Patient and Hospital at Home Capability Maturity Frameworks in the pipeline. IVI collaborates closely with esteemed clinicians and industry leaders such as Medtronic, Roche, Cisco, Carelon, Bearing Point, and a cohort of Digital Health SMEs to research, develop, and disseminate these essential tools.

Drawing from IVI’s experience in developing the IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF), which has benefited over seven hundred organizations globally, including Chevron, the US Department of Transportation, SAP, and Lloyds Bank, they are confident that the DHW-CMF can play a pivotal role in bringing about systematic improvements in health and healthcare systems worldwide.

In addition to their framework development, IVI is actively engaged in multiple living lab projects. These projects involve the implementation and iteration of emerging digital solutions in clinical settings. For example, a living lab at Dublin’s Mater Hospital, in collaboration with Prof. Sean Gaine and supported by Janssen, aims to enhance the quality of life and life expectancy for patients with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) through a combination of patient education, digital therapeutics, and pharmaceutical interventions. Another project at the Royal Hospital Donnybrook, co-led with Hospital CEO Conor Leonard, focuses on reducing the average length of hospital stays by a third through a Hospital at Home Living Lab initiative. IVI is continuously expanding its portfolio of living labs, all aligned with their “Stay Left, Shift Left–10X” strategy and mapped to the evolving DHW-CMF, to drive innovation and transformation in healthcare delivery.

Future Vision: A Digital Health Decade

Martin Curley’s long-term objectives are firmly rooted in a clear and compelling vision: to lead a digital health decade where global stakeholders collaborate harmoniously to deliver synergistic solutions aligned with the transformative “Stay Left, Shift Left – 10X” strategy. In the coming years, he envisions the Innovation Value Institute (IVI) serving as a catalyst for a global digital transition in healthcare. Through this collective effort, IVI and its partners aim to make a profound impact by improving the health and well-being of people worldwide, ultimately saving and extending countless lives across the planet. Martin Curley’s future plans are driven by an unwavering commitment to advancing healthcare and fostering positive change on a global scale.

Guidance for Aspiring Leaders

Martin Curley imparts invaluable advice to the next generation of aspiring leaders:

  • Creating a Shared Vision: Aspiring leaders should endeavor to create or align themselves with a shared vision. A clear, inspiring vision serves as a guiding light, motivating individuals and teams to work cohesively toward a common goal.
  • Hard Work and Resilience: Success requires unwavering dedication, hard work, and resilience. Martin Curley encourages aspiring leaders to be relentless in their pursuit of their objectives and never give up, even in the face of challenges.
  • Embrace Joy in Achievement: One of Martin’s favorite values from his time at Intel is “Win and have fun.” He advocates for the importance of finding joy and fulfillment in one’s achievements, making the journey toward success all the more rewarding.
  • Contribute to Positive Change: Drawing inspiration from Robert Kennedy, Martin advises aspiring leaders to consider the purpose of life as contributing in some way to making things better. Guiding one’s actions with this principle can lead to meaningful and impactful leadership.