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Kelly Bagla

Kelly Bagla

Over the past few decades, lawyers have gained the unfortunate reputation of being generally untrustworthy people. This stereotype has been perpetuated through movies, t.v. shows, and reality. Lawyers play an essential role in the modern world whether people realize it or not; from informing ordinary people in the community about their legal rights to drafting legal documents that will protect businesses from lawsuits, lawyers are essential. Finding the right lawyer can be challenging because there are so many options and it’s hard to find someone that you trust. The few people who are fortunate enough to find the right attorney realize how helpful they are and are afforded the luxury of security and confidence in the legal decisions they make.   

Kelly Bagla, Esq., founder and CEO of Bagla Law Firm, APC., has spent the past decade and a half reversing the negative stigma around lawyers and she has done a fantastic job. Ever since Kelly was a child, she had big dreams and knew that she wanted to make a name for herself. She strived for excellence in everything she did and made sure that every door was open and available for her choosing. Everything she worked on had to be up to her standard of perfection. Kelly had the mindset of “The best or nothing” and it paid off. Because of that mindset, she was offered the most coveted career in her field straight out of university.

After a few years of working at the biggest international law firm in the world Kelly realized that her passion was more than just lawyering. Her passion revolved around using her knowledge of the business legal system to help her clients achieve their dreams. And so, in 2009, Bagla Law Firm, APC. was born. Kelly is now a business attorney with international recognition who is actively operating in San Diego, California. Bagla Law Firm, APC., is based on the framework of entrepreneurialism and is unique in its aim to assist the average entrepreneur from any and every walk of life.

Over the years, Kelly has earned many titles in her favor such as a best-selling author, an inventor, a nominee for the San Diego Business Journal’s Business Women of the Year, a Marquis Who’s Who Top Lawyer, a San Diego Attorney Journal Attorney of the Month, a winner of the 2020’s and 2021’s Lawyers of Distinction Award, to name a few. Kelly’s story is the embodiment of the ‘American Dream’ that many people feel has been lost over the years.

Apart from her involvement in the law industry, Kelly is the author of four publications, including Doing Business in the United States, Go Own Yourself, Go Legal Yourself, and Legal Pearls. Every book encourages and supports entrepreneurship. She has been profiled in high-profile publications including Business View, Business Fame, Investors Digest, California Business Journal, SDVoyager, LAVoyager, and StarCentral, for her success, ingenuity, and dedication to assisting entrepreneurs in launching profitable enterprises.


Everyone understands that you need to treat people the way you want to be treated. That’s exactly what Kelly does at her firm. Customer service is her number one priority in ensuring that each and every one of her clients is satisfied. She speaks effectively and efficiently with her clients. There’s no beating around the bush and avoiding questions. She finds out what her clients need and gives them a flat rate fee.

What sets Kelly apart from her competitors is the fact that she is an entrepreneur herself and is the CEO of four successful companies: Bagla Law Firm, APC., Go Legal Yourself, Pitbulls ‘n Pearls, and It takes an entrepreneur who has struggled, failed, and learned from her mistakes to understand the needs and frustrations that clients are facing. It’s way better to speak with someone who has been in your position and knows the best route to take than someone who is trying to learn along the way. Kelly’s clients have dubbed her the “Queen of Business Law®” thanks to her track record of helping other entrepreneurs find success with their companies.


Bagla Law Firm APC. offers nearly every service that a business owner will need. From choosing the right business entity and asset protection to mergers and acquisitions, Kelly covers it all by offering top-notch services. She is able to not only advise her clients on the right decisions to make but educate them along the way so that they are able to have a voice and understand what’s going on rather than staying in the dark.

Kelly is emphatic about educating her clients. She wants her clients to be able to make informed decisions and to feel comfortable speaking up if they’re unsure about something. By encouraging asking questions, Kelly is able to have open conversations with her clients that most people would feel uncomfortable having. This is something other firms don’t do.


Kelly’s long-term goals for her firm include doing exactly what she’s doing now, which is putting her clients first. She continues to emphasize that customer service is the number one business strategy out there, “If your clients are happy and keep coming back to you then you’re doing something right.”

Kelly recently expanded Bagla Law Firm APC., to London, England branch and she’s looking to branch out to Las Vegas, Nevada branch by the end of the year. Kelly states that, “Since Bagla Law Firm APC., is an international law firm, having those two locations in centralized meccas of international business should allow us to better assist a larger scale of individuals”.  


Being grateful for the little things in life is what keeps Kelly inspired. A great example of this are her two pit bulls, Shelby, and Lady. They keep Kelly grounded and remind her just how precious our time is on earth.

Throughout most of her life, Kelly has also found inspiration in herself. She is a naturally ambitious and driven person. She does what needs to be done to achieve her goals. Most people rely on motivation, but Kelly understands that motivation is fickle and in order to achieve anything in life one must have unwavering drive.


Some of the toughest obstacles Kelly has faced comes from believing in false promises of people who seemed to have her best interest at heart but were only looking out for themselves. She has learned to take a step back from people who are like this and to look at things from an objective perspective. Kelly says, “Not everyone whose eyes shine, and teeth glitter has your best interest at heart.”

Anything good in life usually doesn’t come easy. Kelly takes obstacles head on and makes the best out of every situation.


Defining success is an impossible task because it’s different for everyone. However, success to Kelly is being able to spend every morning waking up next to the love of her life, spending every day doing what she loves, and spending every evening in her castle surrounded by her fur babies. In her eyes, Kelly has succeeded in life and now she gets to help other people find success in their lives.

Kelly’s Advice

My advice for the next generations of aspiring leaders is this: You are your biggest critic and that’s a good thing. If you want to make a name for yourself, you need to hold yourself to a higher standard than other people. If you want to become part of the top 1% in this world, then you can’t be doing what 99% of people are doing. You need to work harder and smarter. Determine what your goals are, create a plan, and then be relentless in your pursuit to achieve them.