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Bruce Piasecki


Piasecki’s  new manifesto on wealth and the climate crisis begins with these words: “The central issues that define the 21st century, such as racial inequality, white supremacy movements, and the inclusion of diverse populations, stem from the need to confront and overcome various forms of overt and hidden prejudice. Another significant challenge we face is how wealth and innovation can contribute to solving the climate crisis, but this issue is also hindered by preconceived notions about how corporations operate and misconceptions about the rights and needs of consumers and global citizens.” Such is the rapid and incisive sweep of this social historian, both business owner and change agent.

In his latest book, Wealth and Climate Competitiveness (,  Bruce Piasecki explores the value and meaning of wealth at the individual and corporate levels in promoting climate competitiveness. This brings into question some of the prejudices that have limited our response to matching cleaner energy with the climate crisis.

By examining companies he has directly advised like Merck, and Trane Technologies, and even transformative players in the oil industry like bp, Dr. Piasecki offers a fresh perspective that challenges conventional wisdom.

He contends that five persistent prejudices have impeded real progress on climate action from 1900 to 2020. The eighteen passionate passages of his book aim to define climate competitiveness as a pathway to solutions that prioritize decarbonization, decentralization, and digitization, thereby shaping our future more sustainably.

How did this 22nd book by Piasecki happen? Arthur Klebanoff contracted this book in his Rodin Books series which includes the thought leadership books of Michael Bloomberg and Bill Bradley. See Piasecki on

A Company Owner and a Change Agent Thru Executive Teamwork

Since 1981, the AHC Group has been actively assisting organizations and individuals in the environmental and management strategy field. Piasecki founded the corporation in 1981, after finishing his doctorate at Cornell University.

They consist of key alliance partners, to folks like Bill Novelli, Ken Strassner, and Gordon Lambert, as they serve as management consultants to middle and upper management staff in various organizations.

Their expertise encompasses areas such as environmental health and safety, governmental affairs, corporate governance, social responsibility, and investor relations.

The focus of their consultancy is on helping global and innovative companies unlock their business potential in environmental strategy, enhancing stakeholder and investor relations, improving corporate governance, and establishing a strong market position. His large clients included Toyota, and recently include multi-year Council assignments for dedicated change at Merck, Walgreens Boots Alliance, and several of their Corporate Affiliates noted at

The list of books by Bruce Piasecki make public what they can from this confidential change management work within firms since 1981. In addition, their case study research efforts (involving hundreds of authors) are reflected in their Corporate Strategy Today (CST) monograph series, which offers actionable insights and remains available at a click at in the publications section.

The Logic of the Group, and Its Leverage with Alliance Partners.

The AHC Group advocates operating with a sense of urgency. Due to their twice a year workshops with leading companies on “Achieving Results”, Piasecki and his firm have built up a network of over 3000 leaders that attend his workshops, in small groups, and share his books.

The objective of these corporate affiliate workshops is to deliver swift and impactful outcomes, leveraging the expertise of seasoned leaders. Unlike larger consulting firms that may apply standardized approaches, the AHC Group distinguishes itself by prioritizing active listening and understanding each client’s unique needs before providing tailored guidance and recommendations.

  •   Integration of Environmental Management
  •  Mission Statement Development and Implementation
  •   Strategic Referrals. When the project is too big for his agile group, Piasecki has shared the assignments with other partnership firms in London, Australia, and elsewhere, to save on his travel time.

A key feature of blending his workshops and his research for books is their benchmarking teams. These include:

  • Benchmarking for Competitive Advantage: Their benchmarking services empower companies to gain a competitive edge on key energy and environmental decisions. By evaluating the industry’s best practices and performance metrics, they help organizations identify areas for improvement and implement effective strategies.
  • Benchmarking for Effective Communications: They excel in both internal and external communications for leadership councils and boards, ensuring clear and impactful messaging to stakeholders at all levels.

Their expertise aids organizations in effectively conveying their environmental initiatives and progress to inspire trust and confidence.

A Firm Based on a Social Historian Founder and Much Technical Expertise in Law, Engineering and Science

The AHC Group adopts a business approach that acknowledges the challenges and uncertainties inherent in the dynamic business world, drawing parallels to the ever-changing natural environment. The expertise comes in his historic selection of expert Senior Associates, often acknowledged in his books.

Just as the Earth experiences unpredictable phenomena like storms and seismic activity, the business landscape is characterized by disruptive changes and shifting dynamics. “You can think of my firm working like a Polish accordion. As we play the music, wind comes in and out—as staff changes to fit the major clients of the time. I like playing this music in this swift and severe world, and feel I was made for this kind of ever-changing work style. Only the books bring coherence and stability to the experiences.”

A Sneak Peek Into The Marvels Created By The Leader

You can run your fingers along the 22 books at his amazon pages, or visit his career at Wikipedia. What is most exceptional about the signing with Scott Merdith and the agency of Arthur Klepanoff, involves the remaking of some of his titles into what the group calls “evergreen titles.” Not quite yet classics, but getting there over time. Examples include his Autobiography, “Doing More with One Life.” And his title “A New Way to Wealth”, a remake of his New York Times and USA Today bestseller Doing More with Less for global and new generation readers.

What to expect next. A new collection of his former biographies, updated. Concerning his book Bruce Piasecki’s collected Bibliographies, Great

Contemporaries (2024), a staff writer at Times Union, Paul

Grondahl remarks, “Bruce Piasecki’s fascination with studying Chief

Executive Officers can be likened to Vladimir Nabokov’s passion for studying butterflies. Just as Nabokov, renowned for his novel Lolita, discovered and named the Karner blue butterfly species, Dr Piasecki has devoted himself to understanding CEOs with meticulous detail. Over his four-decade career as a management consultant, Dr Piasecki has worked closely with approximately 200 CEOs and 150 corporations, including Fortune 500 companies. His profound research and long-term observations have granted him a deep understanding of CEO culture, perhaps even more than the CEOs themselves….” Grondahl, the Executive Director of the New York State Writer’s Institute continues in his introduction to Great Contemporaries:

“In his latest book, Bruce Piasecki distils his decades of study into a captivating narrative focused on seven diverse corporate leaders from various industries. These profiles offer insightful and finely detailed biographical sketches, perfectly tailored for today’s busy business professionals seeking valuable insights on climbing the corporate ladder.”

In this forthcoming collection of his seven prior biographies of Eileen Fisher, Linda Coady, giants of social investing, and others, Piasecki pays homage to Winston Churchill’s collection of short biographical essays, also titled Great Contemporaries, where Churchill delved into the lives of notable individuals. Similarly, Dr Piasecki’s work captures the essence of influential figures within a concise and engaging format.

Successfully achieving the difficult task of writing short yet compelling narratives, Dr Piasecki’s work stands as a testament to his evolving skills as a nonfiction writer. As someone with extensive experience in journalism and non-fiction writing. This respect of fine writing continues in his new Annual Awards.

At the onset of 2020, Piasecki created from his transferred stocks a lasting endowment called, The Bruce Piasecki and Andrea Masters Writer’s Award On Business And Society.  In a structured awards cycle, candidates must be between the ages of 18 and 35 and must have published at least once by August 15 of the current year. These writings include new promising books that are related to a beneficial social effect and business must be included in all topics. “My wife and I and family, and set of six judges, hope to bring early recognition to writers. I remember the uncertainties in my 30s and 40s of not knowing how the world might receive what was burning up my time.”

An Evergreen Autobiography Like Franklin and Mary Antin’s The Promised Land.

In the Autobiography, “Doing More with One Life,” published at the start of 2024 (and now announced on Amazon), Bruce Piasecki delves into his personal history, unveiling pivotal moments that have shaped his life and envisioning what lies ahead through a series of skillfully crafted vignettes.

His journey towards becoming a writer is both spiritual and practical, as he embarks on a quest to uncover the true essence of a fulfilling existence. Piasecki says, with a combination of deep humility and personal persistence, “I learned how to mimic the giants in writing this Autobiography. I had before me how Ben Franklin engineered lasting impressions of his life, from rags to riches. I also found solace and encouragement in reading the Russian immigrant Mary Antin in her bold The Promised Land, written while she was still in her 30s.” In closing my discussion with Bruce Piasecki, you feel he like Franklin and Antin before him, will not give up the fight shortly.