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Alexandra Elinsky

Alexandra Elinsky

                                                                                Alexandra Elinsky – CEO of Empower Human Potential LLC

                                                                                    “From Grit to Grand Entrepreneurship, Shaping a Bright Future”

Coming across the story of a woman who fought obstacles through her relentless pursuit of excellence is always an inspiring one. Choosing to remain positive, creative and affirmative despite the adversities is a trait that can only be found in great leaders. Dr. Alexandra, the CEO of Empower Human Potential LLC, with international coaching expertise sets her apart as a global influencer, guiding individuals toward excellence and inspiring transformation across 15+ countries. Her personalized approach and dedication shine through, making her a prominent figure in the field of coaching.

From Psychology to CEO, A Tale of Resilience and Triumph

Dr. Alexandra candidly recalls the beginning of her professional journey. Her path has been far from smooth, characterized by relentless effort and determination. Nights of introspection and moments of despair were not uncommon, yet she forged ahead with resolve. Her initial pursuit in the realm of counseling, marked by a Bachelor of Arts in psychology, took an unexpected twist as her prowess in sales and marketing emerged. This revelation prompted her to pursue an MBA, ultimately leading to the attainment of a PhD in I/O Psychology—a seamless fusion of two seemingly different worlds. Dr. Alexandra’s odyssey culminated in her ascension to the role of CEO of her own organization.

Luxury and ease are foreign concepts in her world. Helplessness and dependence are sentiments she has never experienced. She is, by her own admission, a hustler focusing on her work ethic. Her familiarity with adversity, struggle, and suffering runs deep, yet instead of giving up to despair, she resolved to take control of her destiny. Driven by an indomitable spirit, she confronted life head-on, emerging victorious against all odds.

Through small steps, blessings began to grace her journey, shaping the course of her life as it stands today. She acknowledges the absence of an easier path with a wistful thought but quickly dismisses it, recognizing that the wealth she has earned transcends mere monetary value. Dr. Alexandra’s journey is all about resilience and perseverance, serving as an inspiration to all who encounter her story.

Nurturing a World of Empathy and Growth through Wisdom and Compassion

Dr. Alexandra’s aspirations and principles, both in her personal and professional life, are rooted in a noble purpose: the sincere desire to contribute to a more enriched world. Her mission is clear and commendable – to facilitate the acquisition of essential soft skills and interpersonal aptitudes, bridging a gap that many often overlook.

With determination, she endeavors to empower individuals, fostering the growth of better, more harmonious relationships. Dr. Alexandra’s vision extends to instilling self-belief, confidence, and inspiration in those she serves. Her commitment to cultivating values such as integrity and patience is evident, striving to nurture a society characterized by empathy and understanding. Her guidance encourages individuals to embark on a journey of healing, recognizing that quick fixes and addictive coping mechanisms are not the solution to emotional suffering. She advocates for the insights that lead to a fully blessed and abundant life. In her pursuit of these goals, she emerges as a symbol of wisdom and compassion, dedicated to making a meaningful impact on the lives of many.

Globally Inspired Empowerment Coach, Guiding Individuals to Excellence

Dr. Alexandra, an accomplished international empowerment coach, distinguishes herself through her extensive global coaching background. With a breadth of experience spanning across 15+ countries worldwide, her reach is truly exceptional within her profession. This geographical diversity sets her apart, positioning her as a practitioner with a truly international perspective.

Her hallmark lies in her personal investment in each client’s journey. Dr. Alexandra’s dedication can be seen as she diligently guides individuals towards achieving career and life excellence. Her signature approach revolves around tailored, one-on-one coaching journeys, which form the core of her practice. In addition to these personalized sessions, she also extends her expertise through group coaching, ensuring her services cater to a wide spectrum of needs. Her commitment to empowering others shines through, making her a notable figure in the field of coaching.

From Grit to Grand Entrepreneurship, Shaping a Bright Future

Dr. Alexandra’s vision for her future endeavors resonates with ambition and determination. Her dreams, although brave, are defined by a spirit that has carried her through every challenge she has encountered. Born without wealth, privilege, or abundant opportunities, she has relied solely on her indomitable grit.

She says, “All I ever had was grit and that has proved to be more than enough.”

Her aspirations take her to the realm of entrepreneurship on a grand scale, where she envisions the ownership of a multi-million-dollar enterprise. In this ambitious pursuit, she has the noble goal of providing employment opportunities to not just hundreds, but potentially thousands of individuals. Dr. Alexandra’s faith in the power of speaking her goals into existence and the practice of manifesting her commitment to realizing her dreams.

Currently embarked on a promising new venture, Dr. Alexandra is on the path to embrace the realm of virtual learning. Her collaborative efforts are set to unfold in the form of projects centered around the creation of course content and instructional videos tailored for leadership training. Although these projects are in their early stages, her enthusiasm for this transition to the digital domain is amazing.

With a keen eye for innovation, Dr. Alexandra looks forward to extending her teaching prowess beyond traditional boundaries and onto the screen. This strategic shift not only reflects her adaptability but also her commitment to disseminating knowledge in a dynamic and accessible manner. Her foray into virtual learning represents her continuous dedication to personal and professional growth, promising an exciting chapter in her journey.

Faith, Professors, and a Father’s Legacy

Dr. Alexandra’s wellspring of inspiration draws from a deeply personal place of her own resilience and determination. While she humbly avoids formal credit for her work and achievements, attributing them to a higher power, her faith in God serves as her primary source of inspiration, infusing her journey with purpose and meaning.

Throughout her educational pursuits, college professors became her motivation, their wisdom guiding her through difficult moments when her ambition clashed with the challenges of hard work. These mentors provided comfort in their offices, offering not only knowledge but also a compassionate understanding of her aspirations. In her own family, she finds inspiration in her father, a symbol of unrelenting dedication and diligence. His unapologetic work ethic, coupled with an unparalleled passion for life, exudes honesty and a commitment to truth. From her father, she inherits a competitive spirit that fuels her drive to succeed. In celebrating these influences.

A Trailblazer in Empowerment Coaching, Recognized Globally

Dr. Alexandra’s accomplishments and recognition in her field are nothing short of noteworthy. She recently earned the honor of being nominated as the International Empowerment Coach of the Year for 2024 by the prestigious IAOTP (International Association of Top Professionals).

Her journey to success has not gone unnoticed, as she graces the pages of prominent publications like Market Watch, Yahoo Finance, Brainz Magazine, World Leaders Magazine, Business Sharks Magazine, The Associated Press, Business Insider, The American Reporter, NBC, and Time Business News, among several others. Dr. Alexandra’s presence in these reputable sources represent the relevance and significance of her work.

Furthermore, Dr. Alexandra’s upcoming cover story in The Business Fame Magazine titled “She’s Next: Most Promising Business Women Leaders of the Future 2023” tells us her rising prominence as a dynamic figure in the business world. Her achievements solidify her place among the leading professionals of her time.

Defying Expectations and Shattering Gender Bias on the Road to Success

Dr. Alexandra’s journey tells the story of triumph in the face of challenges. Born without the privilege of capital, investments, or mentors, she embarked on her path armed with nothing but her intellect. Hailing from a small town with traditional gender roles, she confronted societal expectations that urged her towards a predetermined life of domesticity. For a significant period, she fought with the notion that her ultimate purpose lay in marriage and childbearing, a life of labor, disguised as the American Dream or a Fairytale.

The terrifying hurdle of gender bias was huge, as she navigated a world where women in business leadership roles were often not taken seriously. The bad encounters with prospects who sought to objectify her rather than engage in professional discourse cast a harsh light on the obstacles she faced. Her pursuit of education was marked by her commitment. She tirelessly juggled 60-hour workweeks alongside a demanding course load of 19 credit hours each semester throughout her undergraduate years. This unrelenting dedication meant sacrifices in terms of friendships and the typical college social life. Nevertheless, she resolutely stuck to her path, maintaining her focus and determination. Her success, she asserts, can be attributed to her steadfastness and the spirit that encouraged her forward through every difficulty.

Success as a Dynamic Journey of Strategy and Self-Perception

In Dr. Alexandra’s perspective, success is a concept shaped by the journey rather than the destination—a continual process of personal evolution through introspection and growth. To achieve success, she emphasizes the important role of strategy, asserting that every endeavor, whether in life or business, is like a game. The outcome balances on the strategies employed, the moves made, and the determination to secure victory.

In her view, failure is a construct of the mind, existing only if one chooses to label oneself as such. Dr. Alexandra champions the idea that failure is not an inherent outcome but rather a subjective perception. To truly thrive, one must embody traits of relentlessness, indestructibility, and determination. A relentless hunger for self-improvement becomes the driving force encouraging individuals toward greater heights.

Above all, she underscores that success is a state of mind rather than a fixed destination. Dr. Alexandra’s philosophy centers on the idea that success, as defined by the self, is the ultimate marker of achievement. It is a symbol of her pragmatic and empowering outlook on personal and professional growth.

Dr. Alexandra’s Wisdom: Embrace Authenticity, Continuous Learning, and Fearless Leadership

Dr. Alexandra’s advice to the emerging generation of aspiring leaders is rooted in practical wisdom. Her message resonates with the simplicity of being authentic. She encourages young minds to embrace their true selves, recognizing that authenticity is a powerful asset in the journey towards leadership. Education and self-investment emerge as vital aspects of her guidance. She focuses on the value of continuous learning, the pursuit of knowledge, and the unwrapping of one’s potential. Her vision is firmly centered on the quest to evolve into the best version of oneself, with the recognition that true leaders inspire and uplift those around them.

In a world often dictated by external judgments, Dr. Alexandra gives a crucial lesson—to detach from the opinions of others. She encourages the next generation to prioritize their own aspirations above external critiques, emphasizing that their unique potential far outweighs the judgments of others. Her call to live life unapologetically, devoid of regrets, resonates with a spirit of fearlessness.

To be “Savage not Average” becomes a mantra that reflects Dr. Alexandra’s belief in the limitless possibilities that await those who dare to follow their own course. Her advice embodies the essence of authentic leadership and personal empowerment, offering a guiding light to the leaders of tomorrow.


  1. “Dr. Alexandra is an accomplished international empowerment coach, distinguishing herself through her extensive global coaching background.”
  1. “My success, I assert, can be attributed to my steadfastness and the spirit that encouraged me forward through every difficulty.”
  1. “Nights of introspection and moments of despair were not uncommon, yet Dr. Alexandra forged ahead with resolve.”